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Zapping of 111 video loops.
Symphony of noises and music.
A critical and sensitive vision of the planet.
An interactive artwork with a surprising behaviour.

First issued as a CD-Rom in 1998.


for Mac & PC (126,6 Mo)

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Interactive artwork by Jean-Jacques Birgé and Antoine Schmitt

Machiavel interacts very differently if your movements are fast or slow, tender or brutal.
Some behaviours tame it, some twart it. But who is pulling the strings?

Programming: Antoine Schmitt
Video: Jean-Jacques Birgé, Agnès Desnos, Antoine Schmitt
Sound score: Jean-Jacques Birgé
from Un Drame Musical Instantané LPs
Conseil au Prince: Bernard Vitet
Art Director: Étienne Auger

Dedicated to Michelangelo Antonioni and Ferdinand Khittl
for their films Blow Up et Die Parallelstrasse

Production : A.P.R.E. - Schmitt - GRRR
© 1998 A.P.R.E.
with the help of ADAMI, SACEM and Ministère de la Culture (Direction de la Musique et de la Danse)

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